Troy Michael Aleman


Troy Michael Aleman - VP Education" width="212"/>Troy  Aleman  has spent over 20 years making music professionally through his  extensive experience as a musician, corporate music sales executive,  training instructor, music educator, and music class instructor. He has  worked with some of the most well-known corporations in the world  specializing in Music product manufacturing and sales, Music Education  and Music Publishing . These companies include Young Chang and Gibson,  two of the largest manufacturers of Pianos and musical instruments in  the industry, along with several local Music product retailers and  performance companies, focusing primarily on pianos and piano education.

Troy is an accomplished musician, songwriter and singer. He has  performed on stages across the USA as a soloist and part of his Music Ministries and as the leader of his band, the TROY MICHAEL BAND. He  continues to write , arrange and  perform for Contemporary Christian music projects today in addition to  his responsibilities with RADCO Music Learning Centers and the PLAY  MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE! program.

He studied and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the  University of Maryland. he was raised in the Detroit Michigan area where  much of his family still resides. 

Troy is thrilled to be involved in the “Play Music Enjoy Life”  project. His core belief is that everyone can enjoy making music while  reaping the many “Health and Wellness” benefits this program provides.

He has recently moved back to the Los Angeles area from Fresno  specifically to  teach the “Play Music- Enjoy Life!” Piano classes with  RADCO Music Learning Centers (RMLCs). Additionally, Troy’s  responsibilities will include managing and  assisting in the  successful  launch of the 11 upcoming and soon to be opened RMLCs throughout  Southern California, RADCO’s Assisted Living lesson program and the  launch of its Mobile Music Lesson Van program, which will bring the Play  Music- Enjoy Life! program to those who are physically unable to come  to our studios.

In addition to being an accomplished performer and musician, Troy has  written and produced music projects for several other acts as well.

Troy’s experience has influenced the lives of many people including  his four grown children, wife Sue and anyone that knows him well.  Troy exemplifies the true meaning of PLAY MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE!