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>>We offer Group MUSIC and WELLNESS piano classes  for those who have survived Cancer , are fighting Alzheimer’s  or are serving as a Caregiver  for anyone who has dealt with, or is dealing with these grave afflictions. we also offer our classes for the elderly  and their Caregivers,“special needs” children  and their Caregivers and we are now starting to help those who are rebuilding after a natural disaster  strikes  destroying their home, their belongings and uprooting their lives. We  are doing our best with our classes and our ground-breaking Custom  Curriculum to offer “HOPE and ESCAPE”  through our groundbreaking custom Piano lesson program for all those who want to Relax, Have Fun, Reduce Stress, and Play GREAT Music Quickly … ALL with NO PRACTICE REQUIRED

“We’ll make you feel like a Rock Star!” , even if you’ve never touched a piano before!

These are NOT your grandmothers Piano lessons! “Opening the doors of HOPE and ESCAPE one KEY at a time!” TM  (** check out the videos below…)

Fun, easy, cozy, stress reducing classes



Music and Wellness and Recreational Music Making (RMM) are highly related and regarded elements in music making enjoyment, stress reduction and overall health.

RMM has swept  the US over the past decade as the key source in teaching and providing  Music and Wellness . The most significant program of its kind for the  Piano has now landed in Southern California, with  37 planned centers  throughout the USA within the next 3 years specializing in sharing the  easiest to learn, most relaxing, most enjoyable and most rewarding Piano  lessons EVER offered!

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Who We Bring Hope and Escape to

Relay For Life Burbank CA with the American Cancer Society

PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! and its Outreach program assists Cancer survivors and their Caregivers, Alzheimer's patients and their Caregivers, victims of Natural Disasters who are rebuilding their homes and their lives, the Elderly, afflicted children and more...

 We are very fortunate to have some of the most influential and  experienced industry executives, Music and Wellness experts and Music  Therapists on our advisory board, 



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PMEL - Lynda Smith testimonial

Award winning Music Therapist and former Roland Corp Vice President Lynda Smith talks of the benefits of Music and Wellness and the PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! Music and Wellness piano program  for Hope and Escape.

The real-life effects and POWER of MUSIC and WELLNESS:

Check out this great video 

Here’s a great post from our Facebook page that our dear friend Anita  Dominguez sent us reminding all of us about the real-life effects and POWER of MUSIC and WELLNESS:

Posted by : Anita Salerno-Dominguez .. shared VICE’s video — with Ricky Dee and Troy Aleman.

“Music just lifts the soul.  Ricky Dee, this reminded me of you and your incredible heart and organization, PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE ! It is a gift to this world as was this young man that made a difference in this  93 year old man's life all because of Music . God bless you my friend!"