Jacki DePiro DiCamillo


Jacki DePiro DiCamillo - Executive Advisory Board

Having performed twice by Presidential invitation at the White House  including a command performance for the President, Jacki DePiro has the  proud lineage of having been a protege to jazz legend Shirley Horn, a  Celebrity spokes-model, a narrator and main-stage vocalist for A-List  clients including hundreds of performances and events for Canon,  Anheiser Busch, Universal Studios, Panasonic, Roland Corp., Prous, USWA,  Sony, etc. , and an ongoing and increasing reputation that places her  as one of the world’s foremost Jazz Vocal talents encompassing a  well-earned reputation as a “total celebrity” of class, talent, poise,  looks, ultimate professionalism, accomplishment and experience. Her  concert performances are met with rave reviews and sold-out audiences  each and every time she takes the stage.

As a co-founder, artist and partner in JaRic Records and  Entertainment, Jacki’s career highlights are entering yet another new  stage of success, forward thinking and accomplishment that is garnering a  huge amount of respect and “buzz” industry-wide. A ground-breaking new CD distribution deal and model, a  scheduled world tour and continued appearances in TV and Radio AND a  Celebrity Christmas CD/Album scheduled for  2020 keep this amazing Artist at the top  of her field. Please visit www.jackidepiro.com for more information.

After a devastating onset of an affliction in 2007 taking Jacki’s  central vision from both eyes and now more than 10 years of visiting the  best doctors worldwide that are still baffled by what took her eyesight,  Jacki has turned her attention and efforts into being the prime example  of how someone handed a negative experience can turn it into  an inspiration for all of us. The “inspiration” behind her brother  Rick’s PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! Music and Wellness program, Jacki has used  Music to help her heal, and speak for all those afflicted as a voice of  positive influence and well being! As she often states, all she wants  to do is “Sing her Song”.  Please also visit www.artandliving.com for more information about PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! and Jacki DePiro’s inspiration to this program. 

Jacki's drive and determination lead her to buy the agency she presented, modeled

 and MC'd for, along with her close friend and business partner Meredith Dirner Franco. Within just three short years Jacki and Meredith took the agency of 25 years and doubled its annual revenue while increasing profits significantly.  

As a child, Jacki was raised in Buffalo NY, Cleveland OH and Chicago IL, and as an adult, has called the Los Angeles area home for over 20 years now. This truly accomplished and amazing  vocalist continues to leave her audiences spell-bound with her new show  and her first Solo artist Jazz CD “Where I Hang My Hat Is Home”  continues to sell throughout the world. Her latest CD is due for release  later this year.. The smooth, pocket-grooves Jacki sings to combine  old-world class and swing with some classic Latin and “Motown” type  grooves to add to the mix. Jacki gives the best of what Norah Jones,  Diana Krall, Shirley Horn and Diane Reeves all offer yet adding far more  power to the mix than any of these great vocalists. Her concerts always  receive rave audience reviews and her respect from the global community of professional musicians is remarkable. .

Jacki lives in the greater Los Angeles area with her husband.