Lou DePerro


LOU DEPERRO - CFO - Executive Advisory Board


Lou DePerro spent a large portion of his successful career as a  highly respected Executive Vice President and COO in the Steel industry.

Based out of the greater Cleveland Ohio area, and born and raised in the Buffalo NY  area,  Mr. DePerro now brings his expertise to RADCO Music Group and  PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE!  as their CFO.  DePerro is also a member  of the NY fast pitch Hall of Fame as a pitcher and is also an  avid golfer.  His love  for music and encouragement to his children to participate in the Arts  has always been important to him and his wife (former jazz singer) Joan.  

Mr. DePerro is an avid sports and Music fan and has been a hobbyist DJ and “home” Recording enthusiast for more than 45  years amassing a personally made  collection of over 150 custom compiled CDs of his and  his family’s favorite music. 

As a graduate engineer and mathematics  expert his expertise has brought invaluable guidance and advice to the  success of RMG and  PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE!.  PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! and it’s staff are  very proud to have Mr. DePerro on board. He now  spends several months a year in Southern California where he assists  in the hands-on executive management of  PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE!, visits with his two California based children and their families including his youngest grandson. Mr DePerro is also a Cancer Survivor and knows all too well how important the aspects of Music and Wellness are first hand.