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Music and Wellness and Recreational Music Making (RMM) are highly related and regarded elements in music making enjoyment, stress reduction and overall health.

RMM has swept  the US over the past decade as the key source in teaching and providing  Music and Wellness . The most significant program of its kind for the  Piano has now landed in Southern California, with  37 planned centers  throughout the USA within the next 3 years specializing in sharing the  easiest to learn, most relaxing, most enjoyable and most rewarding Piano  lessons EVER offered! PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! is a California based non-profit company.

Music and Wellness

PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! PROUDLY announces its new partnership with the American Cancer Society  and the Alzheimers Association to bring Music and Wellness and a bit of  added hope to cancer survivors and those afflicted with early stages  Alzheimers nationwide! We believe that even a hour of escape each week  for anyone in our program who has endured the suffering and stress of a  serious health afflictions such as cancer and Alzheimer’s can add a  wonderful dimension to anyone’s life by giving them a chance to smile at  the prospect of Wellness through the active participation in music. Our  specially written curriculum designed especially for these amazing  individuals allows the maximum amount of fun for a minimal amount of  effort. We guarantee as always that you’ll reduce stress, play great  music quickly, have FUN and all with NO PRACTICE REQUIRED!! 

The whole concept of Music and Wellness stems from the practiced and  well proven belief that Music offers many medical benefits and emotional  avenues for Hope and Escape and it is within that framework that PLAY  MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE! has been created and thrives today. We only strive  to add a bit of Hope and/or Escape to those who need it most and we  strive to bring as many smiles and “good feelings” to everyone  associated with our program and our student “experiences” as we possibly  can. We want EVERYONE that takes our program to experience nothing but  GREAT feelings and we try to ensure that each and every student  “Escape” from their current stressors even if just for the hour they  are with us! 


We are very fortunate to have some of the most influential and  experienced industry executives, Music and Wellness experts and Music  Therapists on our advisory board, As a charity organization giving of our time  and talents helps us to “give back” for all the good we’ve been given on  our lives as successful Musical artists, business people and  entrepreneurs We truly believe our program and business model for this  charity and our program offer a “win-win” for ALL involved and should  successfully flourish for many years to come. And, although we have only  had a Facebook page for a relatively short time, we already have risen  to one of the most “liked” Music and Wellness and/or piano lesson programs in America, with currently over 41,000 fans!       


 Start having Fun and Reduce your stress NOW! We’d LOVE to have you join us!



Hope and Escape!

The PLAY MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE!™ program offers Music and Wellness  lessons to Adults, Seniors and Teens for reducing stress, having fun  and learning the Piano through using an expert and proven curriculum,  the finest pianos with digital technology and Music and Wellness  teachers including renowned Piano teachers and Music Therapists. 

We  GUARANTEE that ALL our students will Have Fun, Reduce Stress, Play GREAT  Music Quickly AND ALL with NO Practice Required!! The PLAY MUSIC –  ENJOY LIFE!™ program strives to provide the best possible opportunity to  enjoy and partake in the fun and numerous health benefits of active  participation in music making . We are opening our first of a forecasted  90 National locations in Burbank California partnering with and located  within the World Famous Hollywood Piano Company, which will soon celebrate its 85th anniversary.

With the first location opening at the world famous Hollywood Piano Company a second location soon to be opened at Fresno Music School, the long standing and well respected piano school in Central California and PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! with  it’s great team of Music and Wellness advisors, executives and industry  experts including  Troy Aleman, Rick DePiro, Brandee Aguirre, Jacki  DePiro, Ronald Borczon, Helen Dolas, Pamela DePiro, Dennis Houlihan,  Lynda Smith, Lou DePerro, Will Urban and billionaire Beverly Hills  Philanthropists Stanley Black and Larry Field are  thrilled to bring this great program to Southern California! There are  adult classes along with TEEN classes in our “Kool Keys” program offers? 



Have Fun and Relax!  

With expert teachers and wellness experts the latest and BEST teaching pianos in the world by leading manufacturers and THE programs (PLAY MUSIC-ENJOY LIFE!  and Kool Keys for Teens)  , each student will take part in the most enjoyable Piano classes ever  and with NO practice required, playing the most advanced pianos in the  world and playing along with Audio tracks on USB so that EACH student  can progress at their own pace with NO pressure!   Our PLAY MUSIC – ENJOY LIFE™  series has already garnered the support of some of the highest ranking  and most well respected music executives, educators, publications and  industry leading companies. Check out our Facebook page.

We GUARANTEE you’ll play, you’ll have FUN, you’ll relax AND reduce your stress level with NO practice!

You can learn today and play tonight at RADCO Music Learning Centers! That’s our pledge to you. Students will also be part of a private invitation only community  for live concerts, studio sessions, songwriting seminars and special  events by some of the greatest talent in LA throughout each year.  Additionally several students will be invited to participate as an  Artist on stage at locations such as he Hollywood Bowl, the Kodak Theatre, The Ford Amphitheatre, The Carpenters Center and The Greek Theatre just to name a few!

  “Opening the doors to Hope and Escape one KEY at a time”!  TM