Anita Salerno Dominguez


Anita Salerno Dominguez - Executive Advisory Board


Anita Salerno Dominguez is Results-driven and exceptionally creative executive with a 

successful track record in driving revenue growth and winning market share primarily in turnaround, start-up and high growth situations. Consistently delivering strong and sustainable revenue gains through combined expertise in strategic business planning, project management, market strategy, cultivating teams and change management.  A proven leader with a strength 

for identifying talent, building and motivating creative teams that work cooperatively to achieve goals.  Rare ability to translate strategy and convey the organization’s vision, develop strong and sustainable relationships and gain expected outcomes.   First-class public relations and teaming skills. Excellent interpersonal skills and a sincere passion for blending communications with technology. 

As a wonderful wife, an amazing  Mom and an extremely family oriented person, Anita has graciously lent her invaluable skills, infectious personality, vast experience and amazing attitude to PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! for several years now. As a former National director of the American Cancer Society Anita was instrumental in getting PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! its first official national partnership. Her love for life, and all things that PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE stands for makes her one of the most valuable and respected people to have part of our "family". She has volunteered her time, her expertise and unwavering belief in PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE!  

Anita and her family have been enormously supportive, encouraging and "believing" toward the goals and efforts of PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE from the very beginning. 

Anita graciously also dedicated one of our now main page videos to PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE!  and our Founder, Rick DePiro, in a Facebook post last year,  which we now use on our home page of PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! The video shows the simple and pure power of Music and Wellness.