Glenn Treibitz


Glenn Treibitz - Executive Advisory Board

Glenn Treibitz is the president and CEO of world renowned Hollywood Piano. Glenn has  been in the business since age 10 as a Hammond Piper boy. Glenn is  passionate about pianos and eats, breaths and sleeps pianos. He is an acknowledged  expert in the field often called upon by colleagues and the media for  advice and information. He is also a university trained music educator,  has served as a pianist, vocal coach, musical director and conductor for  musicals, nightclubs and cabarets. He is an award winning musical  theater composer, lyricist and librettist. Glenn is currently composing  solo piano relaxation music for his upcoming CD “My Macu Piccu Dream”. 

Glenn lent his gracious spirit and generous heart to his friend of over 25 years, our founder Rick DePiro by making a "home for PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! at his magnificent and famous Hollywood Piano store in Burbank. Used as primarily a Showcase location, Hollywood Piano's PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE!  location is aptly surrounded by the hundreds of quality piano instruments Glenn showcases in his giant, famous and beautiful piano headquarters. For more than 6 years now even before PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE! was forming as a company and an official IRS recognized and approved Charity, Glenn showed his support and his admiration for the efforts of this now well known Music and Wellness program..

Glenn and his world-class  skills as a musician, accompanist, arranger and playwright make him the perfect music executive to partner with our family at  PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE!