Will Urban - Executive Advisory Board


In addition to his musical endeavors as  an artist, Urban was Vice President of Industry Relations at MP3.com,  where he opened the door for independent musicians to reach worldwide  audiences through online distribution. During his tenure at MP3.com, he  worked with The Eagles, TLC, Alanis Morissette, The Goo Goo Dolls and  more. Will Urban is also a frequent speaker at music conferences such as  CMJ, 2NMC, IAJE and Eat’m. Urban continues to compose for film and  television, performs live with different bands, assists artist with  their development and marketing and speaks at various conferences.When  The Untouchables came to perform at University of Southern California’s  Bovard Auditorium in 1986 and allowed an unassuming teenager to sit in  with them on a couple numbers, it was just the beginning. After that  taste, Will Urban was hooked and knew that he wanted more. Since then,  Urban has toured as a member of The English Beat and performed with  groups such as Squeeze, Billy Idol, The Specials and Hootie and The  Blowfish. Some of his credits composing for film and television include  commercials for Pepsi, a Sundance film titled Heimgang and television shows House, T.R.A.X. and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

What he is proud of: “ I was thrilled to see one of  the films I composed the music for go to Sundance, and a television show  be picked up for worldwide syndication. From the performance angle,  there is nothing like looking into an audience of several thousand fans  to see them sing along with my songs. Being able to meet and perform  with other artists that I have long admired has also brought me quite a  lot of personal satisfaction.”

“Everyone at RADCO Music Group that I have met, and worked with has  been absolutely fantastic—professional, knowledgeable and totally  dedicated to music and the entertainment business and how it touches  peoples lives. Rick DePiro and I have worked together in one capacity or  another successfully for many years now. There is an intimate  understanding of what artists and customers (including PMEL students)  need and want—I think this is due to so many people at RADCO being  musicians themselves. RADCO makes it possible for all levels of our  communities to actively participate in music.”